Frequently-Asked Questions

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is it complicated to install?

See our simple installation video here to demonstrate the installation in under 2 minutes - far less time than taking a typical poop.

will it fit my toilet?

We have provided adapter fittings to accommodate the majority of all non-wall mounted toilets

However, if you buy and it doesn’t fit we will refund you 100% upon receiving the product back within 30 days - it’s a win win!

how do I use it?

See our "How to use" step by step guide on the installation page of the website to help you become a master of the bumgun in no time!

Or, click here.

how does it save me time?

Gone are the days of wiping, wiping, wiping- the force of the water clears the area in seconds, leaving you to tap dry, zip up, and head back to your life

what are the environmental benefits?

The daily production of toilet paper is about 83,048,116 rolls per day - what an unhygienic waste of trees - that is enough toilet paper rolls to stretch around the world 1.5 times

Every year, 8 people kill a completely healthy tree for their consumption of toilet paper

Global demand for toilet paper consumes around 30,000 trees daily or 10 million trees yearly 

Let’s address this topic!

do I still need toilet paper?

We recommend still using a teeeeny bit of toilet paper to dry, before finishing your business - a final touch to your performance, as it were

will the water be too cold?

The water running through your pipes usually warms up with the heat from your household making using bumgun comfortable even during winter.With cold external temperatures it may be a rather refreshing experience but with a little getting used too you should find it pleasant!

can I buy this for worldwide delivery?

Yes, we provide with international delivery within 10 working days!

how long will it take to get my order?

Shipping is typically between 5-7 working days

how can I return my order / get a refund?

There are two ways you can return your order for various reasons:

  • 30 days money back guarantee:
    1. If your order was placed, you change your mind or realize it won't fit your toilet and the order is not yet fulfilled,
    contact us fast here so we can cancel your order before it is shipped. You will receive a refund in 3-5 working days.

    2. If your order was placed, you change your mind or realized it won't fit your toilet and the order was already fulfilled, contact us here: to notify us.
    You will receive your order which you will need to kindly send back to the following address: Bumgun, 1A/7-15 Gundah Road (Enter via Gate 2), Mount Kuring-gai NSW 2080 with your name and order number on the packaging.
    As soon as received we will issue a refund which you will receive in 3-5 working days.

  • One year warranty:
    Our bumguns have been trialed, tested and made with durable components. However, depending on conditions, some issues may occur.
    Should it be the case, please contact us here with a detailed description of the problem (ideally with pictures and/or a video) so we can assess it.
    We will get back to you with instructions to either solve the problem or return it to us for a refund which you will receive in 3-5 working days.