our easy step by step installation

Please note!
*The most common toilet design is gravity fed with a water supply hosed to the tank.
You can install bumgun yourself by following these steps above in the illustration or the video as follows.
If your toilet is different, consider the help of a professional or make sure yours applies to this system before purchase!
*This hand sprayer must be installed with appropriate backflow protection conforming to local requirements.
The bumgun is for external use only!

just squat aim and cleanse...

Simply steer towards your rear,
then gently spray to check your aim for that "
tender, sweet blast".
The harder you press, the harder the flow. "
Your kink, we don't discriminate."
Reach a comfortable pressure and spray on and around the area in question.
Ooh la la!
Then return the gun to the holder and dry yourself with a teeny bit of toilet paper.

Congratulations you have washed yourself clean and saved a tree! -

try this...

Soon, you too will toss that itchy, fibrous wad we call toilet paper out for good.