Enjoy $25 off ALL bumguns!



Ensure to install in line with local regulations

Here's Why YOU Need One

Less Sh*tty Bacteria

Make your heinie clean and shiny

  • WAY less fecal bacteria (aka sh*t) on your hands when using a bidet!
  • Toilet paper moves sh*t, but it doesn't remove it.
  • After all, you wouldn't wash yourself with a dry towel now, would you?
  • Bumgun will change your whole hygiene routine, for the better

Save The Trees

Be green, not mean!

  • Did you know? 27,000 trees are cut down daily for our consumption of toilet paper.
  • It takes about 384 trees to make the toilet paper that one person uses within their lifetime.
  • Use a little spray and be free, instead of aimlessly flushing a tree

Save Your Money

Save your cash, not buying a stash

  • The average household spends hundreds of $$ on TP each year, bumgun makes you save cash!
  • If you’re not using wads of toilet paper, you won’t have to worry about TP clogging your toilet.
  • On average, respondents spend AUD$270+ annually on toilet paper
  • Less time in the loo, more time making money

Quicker & Better

Don't stress, just

  • No need to worry about going to a cocktail party, if your belly is feeling a little sharty.
  • No lengthy bathroom lingering, leaving your sensitive parts a tingling!
  • Squirt squirt baby and buckle back up: 10 seconds guaranteed*


Will it fit my toilet?

We have provided adapter fittings to accommodate the majority of all non-wall mounted toilets

However, if you buy and it doesn’t fit we will refund you 100% upon receiving the product back within 30 days - it’s a win win!

How much money does it save me?

We spend an average of $270 per year on toilet paper - so you can pay this back and start making money after just a few months... whilst walking around with a clean behind!

How does it save me time?

Gone are the days of wiping, wiping, wiping - the force of the water clears the area in seconds, leaving you to tap dry, zip up, and head back to your life

Do I still need toilet paper?

We recommend still using a teeeeny bit of toilet paper to dry, before finishing your business - a final touch to your performance, as it were

How long will delivery take?

Shipping will take between 3-7 working days, depending whether you’re in the city, or in the bush