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Easy-Install Matte Black

Easy-Install Matte Black

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If you're ready to say goodbye to boring old toilet paper and hello to a bathroom upgrade that's sleeker than a supermodel on a catwalk, get your hands on the matte black bumgun!

It's the epitome of elegance and a whole lot of attitude – the ultimate statement piece for your bathroom throne! 💅🏽🚽💖

When you grab this bad boy, it's like holding the keys to a luxury sports car – except instead of revving an engine, you're about to unleash a cleansing water blast like a boss! 💦🚀 Just imagine you're a secret agent on a mission to obliterate any trace of dirt – bam, bam, done! Cleanliness level: expert!

bumgun must be installed with appropriate backflow protection conforming to local requirements, if applicable

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